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The Cupboard Café

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Multi-generational, double-sided, family business, the mail-order cinnamon and sticky bun sales, and our retail location.

It all started with my great-grandparents, and due to some fabulous genetic flaws in our family, the desire to run a food related business has traveled down to grandparents, parents, myself, and possibly to my poor unsuspecting son.

The Cupboard Café opened in 1995 in New Harbor, Maine, a beautiful, active fishing community. The area is its own draw, with its lighthouse, Colonial Fort William Henry, Pemaquid Beach and gorgeous Salt Pond Preserve. We positioned ourselves to be able to serve breakfast and lunch to the local residents and the many people who come to visit and be part of this beautiful place.

Everything we sell, we make!! (With only the most minor of exceptions.) Starting with our fresh sandwich breads, meats, soups, traditional Maine chowders, luncheon specials, salad dressings, breakfast pastries, aka, "the buns" and ending with desserts. The efforts of our family and crew have earned us the purest of compliments, "That’s just like my Mother used to make!"

When exploring Coastal Maine, come and find us, enjoy our cozy log cabin and homemade foods, see the sights, and find out why everyone loves this tiny bit of Maine.


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