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Local Rewards Business Benefits

I own a Local Business. What is in it for me?

Participation in the Local Rewards Program will demonstrate that your business values a strong, vibrant local economy. Midcoast FCU maintains, promotes and underwrites, an online directory of Mid Coast Maine businesses that will enhance your visibility in the marketplace. Local Rewards participants have access to a robust, self-managed directory page that allow you to post photos, special events and more! What is most important is that you will be included in the businesses from which our members earn triple reward points when shopping with their LOCAL REWARDS Visa®. Our vision is to build Mid Coast Maine’s go-to online resource for local businesses, residents and visitors and to preserve our region’s unique character.

What are the requirements to be listed on the Midcoast Buy Local website?

Only that your business meets the following definition of a local, independent business:
1. The business must be located in the Maine counties of Androscoggin, Cumberland, Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, or Waldo.
2. The business must be private, worker, community or cooperative owned and not a franchise.
3. The business must be registered in Maine, with no corporate or national headquarters outside of Maine.
4. The owner or majority of owners are Maine residents at least half of the year.
5. The owner(s) have full decision-making authority over the business and is not subject to conditions dictated
remotely. If there is more than one location, the majority of locations must be located within the State of Maine.

What are the requirements to be part of Local Rewards and is there a cost?

The only requirement is that your business must accept Visa® credit cards as a form of payment. There is no cost to be part of the Local Rewards Program. Standard card interchange rates will apply for qualifying transactions.

Do I or my business need to be a member of Midcoast FCU?

Participating businesses and/or the business owners are not required to be members of the Credit Union. We do however encourage you to Discover the Credit Union for both your personal and business banking needs. We believe  Local Rewards is a solid example of our value proposition and our commitment to supporting our community.

How do I get started?

Visit the Sign Up page to complete the quick and simple application process. For new Local Rewards participants please allow for up to 30 days for the business to be active under the program.


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