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In a cozy colonial shopping center right on Route 1.

In 1949, Robert H. Reny -better known to all as “R.H.”, opened his first store in Damariscotta, ME. The first winter was so slow , in order to keep the store open, R.H. had to go door-to-door around the area selling merchandise out of his old Hudson. That winter he made so many friends that in the spring his new friends came in to shop at the store and the business has been growing ever since! His philosophy was simple – make great buys of quality merchandise and pass these incredible values along at the lowest possible price to our customers! This philosophy has driven our successful business for over 70 years!

Today, Renys employs over 500 employees and has 17 store locations in Maine! R.H’s oldest son, John, joined the company in 1957 at the age of 5 and his middle son, Robert D. (better known as “Bob”) Reny, joined the company in 1959 at the age of 7. John’s oldest daughter, Faustine, joined the company in 2009 &; Bob’s youngest son, Adam, came on board in 2013!

It’s been said, “If Renys doesn‘t have it, I don’t need it!” Our stores each have their own unique character! You’ll find everything from Carhartt, Chippewa or Timberland to Bob’s Red Mill, Proctor Silex and Lego…PLUS great deals on other name brand clothing, gifts, toys, gourmet food as well as close-out and off price merchandise for all your household needs.

It‘s worth the trip to check out what we have on any given day because you never know what you’ll find at our stores! Our buyers travel to Boston, New York, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago or wherever else the pursuit of getting great buys takes us in our quest to have the best possible merchandise at the lowest possible prices. It is our goal to buy better merchandise to sell at low prices, rather than to get inexpensive merchandise to sell at inexpensive prices. We want our customers to like it when they buy it and we want them to love it 6 months later!

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