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Joshua’s Restaurant & Tavern

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We serve the freshest seafood from the Gulf of Maine, choice grades and cuts of meat, and a variety of sandwiches to please almost everyone. Our beers and ales are kept ice cold for you at all times, or if you prefer, we offer a wide variety of spirits that one of our mixologists would be happy to pour for you. Our staff may appear to be having fun, but that’s because we enjoy working here, and serving you. We, the staff of Joshua’s are committed to making you feel like part of the family.

Small taverns offering good food at reasonable prices and cold ales in a warm comfortable atmosphere were once common to locals and overnight travelers. In today’s world of fast food and huge franchises service seems to be forgotten and people are often treated as an accounting number rather than as customers.

Joshua’s Restaurant and Tavern is named after General Joshua L. Chamberlain (8 September, 1828-24 February, 1914). Chamberlain was commissioned as lieutenant colonel of the 20th Maine Volunteers upon entering the Civil War. His military career is most remembered for protecting the left flank of the Union line at the battle of Little Round Top, Gettysburg. His efforts and command at this battle earned him the Congressional Medal of Honor, one of many honors he was to receive. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant promoted Chamberlain to Brigadier General, on the field of battle at Rives Salient, on June 18th, 1864, after the battle of Petersburg. Chamberlain is the only person to have received this honor during the Civil War. He was thought so highly of, by General Grant, that Chamberlain was chosen by Grant to accept General Lee’s surrender, at Appomattox. At Appomattox, “The Grand Old Man of Maine” ordered his troops to a marching salute during the surrender parade, respecting the honor of the defeated men. Chamberlain returned to Brunswick, and in the following years of his life served as the Governor of Maine, President of Bowdoin College, and Surveyor of the Port of Portland.

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