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Fat Friars Meadery

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Enjoy a taste of the Olde' World

The Fat Friar’s Meadery is a Maine farm winery that specializes in the creation of Mead. We are located in Newcastle, Maine just off of Route 215 approximately 1 mile from the head of Damariscotta Lake.

Because our Mead is made with the finest ingredients, and is never rushed, the quality and taste are of the highest standards.

While at our Meadery don't forget to stop at the Mead Tasting Area which opened on May 2, 2010 and look for us in restaurants and stores throughout Maine. The Fat Friar’s Meadery is a member of The Maine Winery Guild and is listed on the Maine Wine Trail.

We opened in 2010, a meadery... Wait. What is that you ask? We are just like a winery, only dedicated to creating mead. Mead is the oldest fermentable beverage in the world. It pre-dates wine and beer by a long time. Using honey for the fermentation we create different beverages by adding spices, fruit, and herbs.

We are a quite a bit off the path in mid coast Maine, and the business is in the cellar of our house, but we offer a large tasting room, and friendly interactions with either myself, my wife, or sometimes my son.

We open on weekends from 12-5 as long as the pathway is not blocked by snow. Call ahead to and we will let you know if we can accommodate you. We look forward to meeting you, or seeing you again.

Relax and enjoy a taste of the olde world.

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