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Brooks Trap Mill

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340 State Road, St. B



At Brooks Trap Mill, we supply commercial fishermen with traps to catch lobster, shrimp, conch, crab, eel, fish, or anything else in the ocean that you’re trying to catch. For you watermen, Brooks Trap Mill is proud to offer aquaculture supplies for the oyster, mussel, and scallop industries that range from cages and racks to grow-out materials.

No matter how you work on the water, you can find what you need at Brooks Trap Mill. Each of our four Maine locations inventories a large selection of items for the commercial fisherman, such as fishing gloves, knives and foul weather gear, as well as gaffs, bait bags, buoys, rope, and paint. If you need something out of the ordinary, we will work our hardest to get it for you quickly. Stop by today and see us!

Brooks is More than Just Lobster Traps!

Whether you need a single lobster measure or hundreds of traps, we have what you need! Brooks Trap Mill has over 45,000 square feet of storefront and warehouse space, where you’ll find the best commercial fishing gear, float rope, Spongex buoys, foul weather gear, and MUCH more. Our ten acres of outdoor storage allow us to stock thousands of trap kits, new and used traps, and other lobster fishing supplies. Don’t think that we only carry lobster gear, either: We also carry a wide assortment of shrimp pots and traps, crabbing supplies, even oyster bags and cages.

As we say: “If you don’t see it, just ask!”

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